About Resolution Colour (Pty) Ltd

The last 35 years have seen fundamental changes within the Printing Industry. The current digital revolution is gathering ever more pace and so changing forever, the way we communicate with images and type.

Khumo Patricia Richard

Khumshile Nikani

Patricia LoSciuto

Richard Sorrell

Our company was conceived and born to glean maximum use from a rapidly evolving technology, without any sacrifice of the benefits that skill and experience can bring. By remaining a small and flexible organisation, we hope to obtain maximum enjoyment from our efforts allowing our love of the process full expression.

Building deeper relationships with our clients is a natural inclination for us and we feel that the technology increasingly lends itself to this. Final product excellence is the result of a long process from inception to press. The more the special skills of both our clients and ourselves, all essential to each stage – overlap, plan and co-operate together, the better and more predictable the final product, the smoother and more efficient (and economical) the process.

In the last decade we have built a respected organisation, with an envied reputation, opting to retain and focus on certain select clients, with seamless boundaries between us. Passing on our business and technical skills to a younger generation, in which all constituents of our complex society have an equal opportunity and representation, we hope to leave a legacy to Cape Town that we can be proud of, a strong and enduring bastion of standards and quality.

Together with our associate companies – Lithographic Proofing we have a shareholder and management base that mixes black, coloured and female together with old European born skills and techniques. Our Solutions Colour printing company, allows our unique mix of skills, technology, experience and passion to influence and control the final commitment to print using some of the best multi colour presses available today.

We blend together these talents, strengths and skills with the benefits technology has to offer, cohesively maximising the result. Enjoying the work we do and using intelligence born from vast experience it is a pleasure to know that our clients enjoy both the savings we can make for them and the excellence of the final product. Plus (we hope) the hassle free process of working with us.

Resolution Colour has a small team of 5 people, dedicated to service special Clients with special needs. We have been in this industry all our lives and love it and are still having fun.