Photographic Services and Desktop Publishing

Aside from our Photo Studio specialising in digital product photography and pack shots, we offer all of the following photographic services:

1. After your creatives have worked their magic, we are usually the first stage in the actual production.

2. Brief us as to your precise requirements, you’ll get what you want, and more, we promise!

3. Our images are delivered to you print ready to client specifications.

  • Photographic services
  • Digital Product Photography and Pack Shots
  • High-end flatbed scanning
  • Desktop publishing, make files repro/print ready with highly trained and qualified DTP operators
  • Retouching deep-etching, done by experienced, highly trained and qualified people
  • Flight-check open and PDF file (Pit-stop) to Printing specs
  • Digital proofing (with Epson Printers) these proofs are certified to international standard (ISO). We seek to work as close as possible with printers in the region and overseas to make sure best printing result is achieved